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October 2018 C-star Global Sources Electronics Show Review[ 10-20 09:50 ]
Global Sources Electronics Show is the world's largest electronics procurement event! More than 7,500 booths will be held in the "Consumer Electronics Show" and "Mobile Electronics Show", which will be held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong in April and October each year.
C-star Global Sources Electronics Show Phase I Review[ 10-15 16:08 ]
The first phase of October 2018 has ended, thank you for your presence! The second phase will be exhibited from October 18th to October 21st. The company's booth number is 6T33, which mainly displays game products and is looking forward to it.
C-star exhibition information for October 2018[ 10-08 16:25 ]
C-star exhibition information for October 2018, welcome customers to visit.
C-star launches a lecture on "Enhancing Safety Education to Achieve National Health"[ 08-17 09:46 ]
In order to care for the physical and mental health of employees, improve safety and health awareness, popularize safety and health knowledge, and create a safe and healthy working and living environment. On the afternoon of August 13, Shenzhen C-star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched a lecture on “Enhancing Safety Education to Realize People's Health”.
C-Star hosted the first outdoor development activity and the eighth Happy Points Conference in 2018[ 07-09 16:22 ]
In order to cultivate the team awareness of employees, create a common experience of happiness, familiarity, communication, understanding and cooperation, and discover the growth space of the self and the team and improve the space in the experience, to feel the strength of the team partners and the big family. The strength of Shenzhen C-star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (game controller manufacturers) organized all the personnel to participate in this outdoor development activities with the
Good news: C-Star successfully passed BSCI certification.[ 05-26 09:25 ]
On May 10th, Shenzhen C-Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. accepted the BSCI factory inspection.
In order to strengthen fire safety awareness, C-star conducted fire drill activities[ 05-07 18:14 ]
In order to further strengthen corporate safety work, enhance employees' awareness of fire safety, and improve employees' ability to respond to fires by emergency, we adhere to the principle of "safety first, prevention first" and "people-oriented" thinking, on the morning of May 7th. All employees of C-star organized a fire drill.
Global Sources Electronics opened on the April 11th, C-star booth attracts attention[ 04-12 14:51 ]
The world's largest electronics procurement event - The Global Sources Electronics Show opened on the April 11th at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong.
C-star will bring the latest products to the 2018 Global Sources Electronics[ 04-09 11:37 ]
  Is the world’s largest electronics trade fair! It’s held every April and October, showcasing over 6,600 booths and comprises two phases – Consumer Electronics & Mobile Electronics.   The exhibition will be held in Hong Ko...
C-STAR exhibition information April,2018[ 03-16 15:21 ]
C-STAR exhibition information April,2018
C-STAR sparkles at 2017 HKTDC Autumn Fair[ 10-13 17:12 ]
HKTDC Autumn Fair Time: Oct 13th,2017 to Oct 16th, 2017 Add: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Booth: 1D-E19 Main products: Gaming accessories, earphones, electric scooters, etc HKTDC Hongkong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition) is the largest scale...
The opening of 2017 Autumn HK electronic fairs[ 10-11 16:38 ]
 the largest scale of electronic products purchasing event “Global resources Electronics show”, was unveiled today at Asia World -Expo in HongKong. There are two exhibition in this time and“consumer electronic show” and “mobi...
HK Fair Of C-Star In October 2017[ 09-18 09:56 ]
 Global Sources Fair   Phease 1: October 11-14, 2017 Address: China Hong Kong International Expo Booth Number: 6R31 Exhibition Products: gmae pads, game steering wheel, electric scooter   Phease 2: October 18-21, 2017 Address: China Hong...
C-STAR on the HK Global Sources Electronics Fair, April 2017[ 04-12 17:36 ]
        The Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair was officially opened at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong on April 11, 2017. The Global Sources Electronics Fair gathered a number of high-quality manufacturers and suppliers from China,...
The second integral meeting was hosted successfully C-Star Industrial Limited[ 03-31 15:38 ]
Summer comes, C-Star(specialized in game accessories) quarterly Happy Meeting was hosted as planned.
info for HK Fair from C-Star[ 03-21 10:30 ]
info for HK Fair from C-Star
The Result of PK in the Hundred Group Battle[ 12-16 12:03 ]
In this month of PK, all the talented solders of C-STAR Industrial Limited tried their best to make their promise come true without rest. Everyone hopes to be beyond self.
Try our best to achieve our goals[ 12-16 11:37 ]
The C-STAR in THE HUNDRED GROUP BATTLE Our company are joining in the PK activity of THE HUNDRED GROUP BATTLE from 26th-August to 25th-September.In this beautiful season,C-STAR reap a good harvest, and shows the good appearance to others. Now this activity is more than half of time, our solders are devoting their all mind into this battle. In the past half of month, we experienced the low mood, faltered, but we had the happiness of success eventually.
Fighting Now for Our Scooter Billion Goal[ 12-16 11:23 ]
C-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED takes apart in a activity named HUNDRED GROUP BATTLE which organized by ALIBABA. This activity is a PK of achievement between the important clients in the business circle of ALIBABA in Baoan area, Shenzhen. The form of this activity is the leader, sales of foreign trade, a support person of a company as a group join into this activity to have a battle, the leader plays the role of commander, the supporter takes the part of commissar, and the sales play as the solders.
Harvest Gold October[ 12-16 11:04 ]
C-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED was invited to take part in several international electronic products exhibition in October,2016. Including the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair by HKTDC, China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair) and the Global source Fair. The theme of these fairs is about consumer electronics,intelligent technology products and electronic parts, and so on. Millions of buyers from all the world purchase the wonderful products from Asian suppliers in these exhibitions.