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PS2 to XBOX360 slim converter

Product category: XBOX 360
Item No:XBOX360 slim converter
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PS2 to XBOX360 slim converter 

PS2 to PS3 converter 

XBOX360 to PS3 converter

1. Connect the controller port of Xbox360 console with USB type A plug (Converter side).
2. Connect Xbox360 controller with USB type A receptacle (converter side).
3. Connect PS2 joypads, dancing mats and other PS2 compatible controllers with PS2 receptacle (converter side).
4. Switch the converter from Xbox controller mode to PS2 controller mode.
5. You can use PS2 controller to play Xbox games now.
6. When you want this converter to work on PS3, just put the switch to the PS3 mode, then connect the USB male plug of this converter cable to USB port of PS2 console.







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