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iOS update 14.5 system support PS5/XSX controller

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Nowadays, the host generations have changed, and new controllers have been introduced with the host, and they have been accompanied by many improvements. IOS users who want to experience a more comfortable and immersive gaming experience on their phones and tablets have been unable to use the new console controller on their phones.
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Finally, Apple and recently updated the iOS system version 14.5, which includes support for PS5 and Xbox X/S controllers. In addition to this update, there are new features such as unlocking the phone with the face without removing the mask.
After this update, users can directly use the wireless synchronization to connect the controller to play supported games on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Before this, users can also connect the handle through some third-party methods, but now it is more stable and has lower latency. This update happens to coincide with the launch of the Xbox cloud gaming service beta test on iOS. In this test, users can play directly through the built-in browser. This beta test is only by invitation, but I believe it will not be long before Microsoft will open this service to Xbox Game Pass members.
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After the update, these controllers should also support other remote play functions currently available on the iOS system, including Steam and Play Station.
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