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Towards the end of the year, C-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED will carry out mountaineering group building activities

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Mountain climbing is a self-challenge, a test of perseverance, a test of physical limits, and a manifestation of group and wisdom. Simulate the process of struggle while advancing, hone the will, enlarge the pattern, and perceive the various states of life.


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On November 28, 2020, the end of the year is approaching, C-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED decided to launch a team building activity. Because the epidemic has not passed, so we chose a short trip, so we came to Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Forest Park, the goal is to board the Phoenix Mountain peak.


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For mountain climbing, everyone's path may be different, and everyone's physical strength is different. Sometimes they walk slower, sometimes faster, sometimes stop and rest, sometimes you surpass me, sometimes I surpass you, and sometimes sit together. Sit down together in the shade of a tree to catch a breath. In fact, every encounter is a kind of accident and a kind of fate.


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Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Forest Park.jpg


After this outdoor team building activity, we experienced the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature, and also felt the greatness of the working people, and met colleagues who usually work together but do not communicate much, which broadened interpersonal relationships and enhanced team awareness.


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After the mountaineering activities, the company also organized dinners and KTV, which can allow employees to relax completely after intensive work.


The theme of this event is "Breakthrough, Cohesion, Communication, and Collaboration", which has also been interpreted in the event, and I hope C-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED will get better and better.

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