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Sony improved PSN, a single account can access various Sony services

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In preparation for the upcoming PS5 release, Sony has made major changes to several aspects of the PlayStation, including a completely refurbished UI, trophy and upgrade system, and a new PS store.




In addition, Sony is still making improvements for PSN and PSN accounts. Just like Microsoft’s Xbox approach, players only need one account to access various Sony services, including PlayStation Network, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Video, Sony Rewards, Sony Community, Xperia Lounge, Xperia Store, Xperia Care and more. Prior to this, each Sony service was a separate account.


Since the launch of PS4 in 2013, players have been strongly calling for a unified account, and this demand has finally been met. With this change, you will no longer need to manage countless accounts and passwords, which should save PlayStation players a lot of trouble.


Earlier, a file reportedly sent to the developer was exposed by the media. In the document, Sony explained that the new version of the PlayStation Mall will be launched on October 19th on the Web side and October 28th on the mobile side.


What's interesting is that the web and mobile PS stores will only be available for PS4 and PS5. The document stated that the new version of PS stores will not list PS3, PSP and PSV games, and PS4 themes, app applications, emoticons, etc. will also not be available. Those players who have already purchased these games will continue to keep in your library, but players can still buy these things in PS4's PS store.

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