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Sony executives: PS5 starting game lineup will be the strongest in history

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PS5 and XSX are about to be released during the Christmas season this year, but what games can we actually play on these machines? After the "Halo: Infinte" bounced, the XSX's starting lineup looks much weaker, but the Sony Interactive Entertainment Market The president of the department, Eric Lempel, seems to be extremely confident in the games that PS5 will provide. According to Lempel, the game lineup within the PS5 release window will be the strongest in PlayStation history.
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"The content (games) within and after the release window will be extremely exciting. I would say that this will be the strongest lineup we have seen in the history of PlayStation, from our studios around the world and from all over the world. All publisher partners of. We have already announced some of the content, and naturally there will be more to be announced, but the way developers and this platform (PS5) participate and the way to create new experiences on new and old IP is the same Exciting."
So far, Sony's official PS5 first exclusive games are: "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales" and "Astro's Playroom". There are also multiple third-party console exclusive games, including "God Fall" and "Bugsnax". Sony now also needs to announce more exclusive and third-party exclusive games to confirm its claims.
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