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Sony PS5 and McDonald's joint development Game controller

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The three favorite things of Otaku, in home, game play, and high-calorie food. What kind of sparks will come when these three things meet? The recently explosive Sony PS5 gave us an answer.




According to media reports, Sony plans to cooperate with McDonald’s Australia branch to launch a joint version of the PS5 controller, which is equipped with many McDonald's elements. In addition to the "Golden Arch" logo in the center, the left and right hands are also printed on the holding position. French fries and burger pattern.


Once this specially customized controller was announced, many netizens complained that the color scheme was too earthy. But the author feels that this full of McDonald's elements looks very affinity. Of course, this controller, whether you dislike it or not, it is unique and privately sold. It is said that it is an exclusive gift for the 50th anniversary of McDonald's Australia branch. It will be presented on the official Twitch live broadcast in August. Friends who want to spend money may be hopeless.

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