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Senior industry professionals: The new Switch will be released in 2021

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On August 25, Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki, a veteran industry veteran, broke the news about Nintendo's new-generation console. According to him, Nintendo's new Switch will be released in 2021, which will correspond to 4K-level high-resolution, and there will be many masterpieces.
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Mochizuki said that Nintendo plans to launch a new Switch in 2021. Although the specific performance and style are uncertain for the time being, developers are discussing the introduction of high-performance computing capabilities and the corresponding 4K-level high-resolution image processing capabilities.
In addition, in order to help the launch of the new Switch, Nintendo is also actively liaising and promoting cooperation with external game developers. A number of new games are being developed closely, which I believe can attract the attention of gamers in more fields.
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Although it is already expected to launch in 2021, in response to the Taiwanese media's "early 2021 release" forecast yesterday, Mochizuki said that it is not so optimistic. The new Nintendo Switch is more likely to be released after the second quarter of 2021.
Finally, in response to the news that the new Nintendo Switch will be launched this year, Mochizuki said that there is almost no possibility. Nintendo will still focus on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite this year.
In addition, Ace Research Institute analysts said that even without the upgraded version, the total sales of the existing Switch are expected to exceed 102 million units of the Wii, and after the upgraded version is launched, it is expected to exceed 154 million units of the DS.
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