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Rumor: Switch Pro screen will use Innolux Mini LED technology

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According to the latest rumors, the Switch Pro rumored to be launched next year will have a Mini LED display.
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According to media Nintendo Life, Economic Daily News, Nintendo recently visited Taiwan panel manufacturer Innolux Co., Ltd., suggesting that Nintendo may abandon its existing screen suppliers Sharp and JDI, and switch to Innolux, using its Mini LED technology. Instead of the currently used backlit 720p LCD screen.
Mini LED technology has some advantages over LCD and OLED technology, allowing the screen to achieve better screen backlighting, improving contrast, and possibly battery life. If Nintendo Switch Pro really has better hardware and supports 4K resolution, then using Mini LED screens will make more sense, especially in terms of battery life.
There are reports that Apple is adopting Mini LED technology on its devices as a cost-effective way to improve its screen range without having to take the more expensive OLED or Micro-LED route.
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