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Retailer reveals PS5 release date

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Earlier, Sony opened the pre-order registration channel for PS5 game consoles, but did not announce the exact release date.


Recently, a retailer broke the news that the Sony PS5 console will go on sale in mid-November, and the date may be around November 13. In addition, Microsoft Xbox Series X will be released in the first week of October, possibly November 4th or 5th.




According to reports, Sony "has already booked a seven-day UK marketing plan starting on Friday, November 13th," and retail sources also said that this schedule is consistent with what they have heard.


In terms of price, the PS5 digital version is priced at US$399 and the PS5 Blu-ray drive version is priced at US$499.


Earlier, Sony’s PlayStation Chinese official website officially announced the PS5’s first live-action commercial "Play Has No Limits". The video shows the main immersive features of PS5. In addition, the developers also shared how the automatic adjustment of triggers and tactile feedback provide a brand new gaming experience for the PS5 platform. It is reported that PS5 will be equipped with new features to provide players with an unprecedented and more immersive gaming experience.

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