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President of Nintendo of America: still focus on existing models

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Rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro have been circulating for some time, but according to Nintendo US President Doug Bowser in an interview with media Polygon recently, Nintendo's current focus is on the existing Switch models.


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In an interview with media Polygon, Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo America, was asked about the rumored "Switch Pro" model. In response, Bowser pointed out that although Nintendo has been paying attention to how new technologies can improve and enhance the gaming experience, Nintendo's focus is still on the current Switch model.


Doug Bowser mentioned that Switch's momentum in the fourth year is still very strong. In the foreseeable future, Nintendo will continue to focus on these two models (Switch/Switch Lite) and related content, because the symbiotic relationship between the two is the real focus. This is what makes the Switch and other hosts unique.

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