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Platinum Games Inc. Hideki Kamiya tweeted "Astral Chain 2"

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Platinum Games Inc. Director Hideki Kamiya briefly mentioned "Astral Chain 2" on Twitter, but this tweet has now been deleted. This tweet by Hideki Kamiya clearly hints that "Astral Chain 2" will be available, but it seems that it is not ready to be announced now.
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"Astral Chain" is an action game developed by Platinum Games Inc. and released by Nintendo, and launched on the Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019. The game is supervised by Takahisa Taura who once participated in the design of "NieR: Automata", the famous producer Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Studio is responsible for the production, and the game character design is by Katsura Masakazu responsible. The game was officially announced in February 2019 and was released on August 30 of the same year.
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In an earlier interview with Japanese media, Kamiya Hideki once expressed his satisfaction with the sales of "Astral Chain", plus Takahisa Taura has already publicly prepared the planning of the "Astral Chain" trilogy, it seems very promising. Launched a sequel.
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