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PS5 new rumor: Japan will be on sale on November 14 and will be on sale globally on the 20th

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Recently, the news expert has compiled the prices of the PS5 console and all accessories including the Controller. In terms of release time, it will be first sold in Japan on November 14 and will be launched in other countries and regions around the world on November 20.
In terms of regional prices, the PS5 digital version (without optical drive) is US$399, Japan is 44980 yen, the PS5 Blu-ray drive version is US$499, and Japan is 49980 yen. The DualSense handle is US$59.99, Japan is 5980 yen, and the PS5 stand is priced at US$24.99.
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At the same time, according to rumors, the PS5 exclusive game "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales" will also be on sale globally on November 20, priced at $39.99.
As for the pre-order time, it is said to be September 9. Its special significance is that the first generation of PlayStation was launched in North America on September 9, 1995, which coincides with the 25th anniversary.
There are also two news that need to be further corroborated. One is that Sony will decrypt the internal structure design of the PS5 console in the form of TearDown in November, and the other is that "God of War 5" is scheduled to be announced in 2022.
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