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PS5 fan control will be optimized through firmware update

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According to GamingBolt, 4Gamer interviewed Otori Yasuhiro, the head of the mechanical design department of the hardware design department of SIE, who introduced the internal structure of the PS5 before. During the period, Otori Yasuhiro said that they will collect APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) performance data and optimize PS5 fans based on these data. control.
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Otori Yasuhiro said, "There will be a variety of games in the future, and the APU performance data of each of them will be collected. We have plans to optimize fan control based on these data."
wrote in 4Gamer's supplementary note that there are 3 temperature sensors on the PS5 motherboard, and the PS5 will control the fan speed based on the internal temperature of the APU and the highest temperature among the 3 sensor temperatures. These fan control parameters can also be corrected through online updates.
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