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PS5 becomes air fryer, many Amazon users PS5 becomes other things

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Some Amazon customers, including their own writer Bex April May, reported that they did not receive pre-ordered PS5 consoles, but received some unrelated items or even empty packages.
May claimed in a tweet on Thursday that Amazon marked her PS5 order as "lost" around noon. Afterwards, the express arrived, but she was excited to unpack the box and found that it contained an air fryer that she had never ordered.
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Several other Twitter users replied to May's tweet and shared a similar story. Their PS5 was also replaced by a variety of other things, including coffee machines, foot massagers, and cat food.
Some customers stated that the delivery driver marked their package as "delivered" after arriving at the delivery address, and then drove away without getting off the car at all.
A Reddit user wrote: "My PS5 was shipped today and is on the way to transport. I just checked the location of the package and found that it is only a few houses away from me. After the truck arrived, it was next to my car. Reversing. But the driver did not come out. After 10 seconds, he started the vehicle and drove away. My package has been marked as'delivered'."
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Several Twitter users also said that they had encountered similar situations. The driver ran away with the package but did not deliver it to them. One of the users was also told to wait 48 hours, either to refund or wait for a new machine, but it was out of stock.
May wrote: "Too many people tweeted about the same experience. Literally, they were also cheated by Amazon and their PS5 was stolen."
Regarding this matter, Amazon has not issued any statements or comments.
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