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PS5 allows you to directly enter certain parts of the game without having to start the game first

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In October last year, PS5 chief architect Mark Cerny revealed a feature of PS5 in Wired magazine: allowing players to load specific parts of a game from the main interface.
Now this feature of PS5 will obviously be called PS5 Activities. In an interview with GameRactor Spain, "WRC 9" director Alan Jarniou and product manager Sebastien Waxin revealed more details of this feature (the original report has now been deleted).
GameRactor Spain reported the original text:
"However, thanks to improvements focused on software execution, this can completely change the game experience, because "WRC 9" will be fully asynchronous execution and loading optimization, using the new ultra-fast SSD memory, so that players can immediately enter the game. The PS5’s Activities system function will allow players to start an instant “deep link” from the start menu and directly enter the game or other parts of the game, with the purpose of making players fascinated and addicted.”
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Basically this feature will mean that players can enter specific parts of the game from the main menu of the PS5 without having to start the game first. Earlier in the same interview with "Wired" magazine, Mark Cerny revealed that this feature of PS5 supports single-player games and multiplayer games.
"The multiplayer game server will provide a series of activities that can be joined, and players can join in immediately. The single player game will provide information, such as the tasks you can do or what rewards you will get after you complete the tasks. See it in the UI menu. You can enter the game at any time."
It is reported that "WRC 9" will make full use of the performance of PS5, provide native 4K, minimum 60FPS game experience, support improved physics and simulation effects, and higher resolution textures.
Correspondingly, Microsoft Xbox Series X has a "Quick Resume" function. This feature allows players to instantly continue the previous progress to run multiple games, eliminating the lengthy waiting time and loading screen. This feature also allows Xbox Series X console players to quickly return to their previous progress even after the machine restarts.
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