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Nintendo Switch 12.0 version data mining surprises 4K and Aula

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According to Wccftech reports, the new version of Nintendo Switch 12.0 recently launched is very likely to hint that a 4K enhanced version of Nintendo Switch will be launched in the future.
Twitter user Switchbrew said: This version does have some content that Nintendo has not disclosed yet. In addition, OatmealDome also talked about these things. The new 12.0.0 version now supports the use of the new firmware to update the Nintendo Switch internally, and mentions "CrdA (Cradle for Aula)". There have been rumors that "Aula" is the codename of the new Switch.
new switch.jpg
In addition, its newly added internal setting "4kdp_preferred_over_usb30" is also likely to imply the 4K function of the new Nintendo Switch.
Switch pro.jpg
At present, although Nintendo has not yet responded to the content of these data, it can be found that these content are highly consistent with the previously reported content.
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