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Microsoft updated the Xbox Game Pass logo to remove the word "Xbox"

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According to IGN, Microsoft has updated the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass PC logos, removing the word "Xbox" from its social channel logos.
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IGN quoted a report from media Thurrott that both social channels @XboxGamePass and @XboxGamePassPC have updated their logos, but their account names (Xbox Game Pass) still retain the words "Xbox", and in the new logo It also retains the classic green and white Xbox logo. In addition, the Xbox Game Pass official website still uses the full "Xbox Game Pass" name.
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IGN pointed out that this may be just a redesign of the logo, but it may also indicate that Microsoft is planning to make some changes to its services.
Not long ago, Microsoft stopped selling the 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership service and may need to adjust related services. Microsoft continues to add more good games to Xbox Game Pass. It also announced that it will be Xbox in September 2020. Game Pass Ultimate adds free Project xCloud cloud game service support.
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