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Microsoft plans to land Xbox cloud gaming service on iOS next year

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According to reports, Microsoft is developing a "direct browser-based solution" that will allow Microsoft to introduce its cloud game service (the previous xCloud project) to iOS and iPadOS devices in 2021.
According to reports from Business Insider and The Verge, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed the news at the "recent internal all-hands meeting." He said: "We will definitely be on the iOS platform eventually! Our Game Pass will eventually be on iPhone and iPad!"
The latest news revealed by Amazon Luna hints at Xbox's so-called plan that it will bypass Apple's app store and be implemented through the iOS Safari browser instead of as a local App.
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Recently, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can enjoy games on Android devices. However, the policies and terms of the Apple App Store make it difficult for services like Xbox Cloud Games and Google Stadia to exist on their platforms.
Streaming media service applications can be used in Apple's application store, but only as a "catalog application" to help users register and see what games are available. The tricky thing is that Apple said that each game on the service must have its own independent app store page, which is a big problem for a service like Xbox Cloud Games with more than 150 games.
Spencer's remarks have not yet been made public. He mentioned at the meeting that he hopes to implement xCloud on future Xbox consoles and personal computers, but these are just one of "a series of cool things the xCloud team is doing." Small steps.
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