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Microsoft new XBOX logo has been determined

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Recently, Sony and Microsoft have announced the latest next-generation game console. Both parties said that the performance of the two products will be a greater leap forward. According to Microsoft, the backward compatibility feature of the Xbox Series X not only runs the Xbox 360 and the first-generation Xbox games, but also allows the old games to get a picture boost, making countless players excited.




At the same time, the US Patent and Trademark Office updated to show that Microsoft submitted a new trademark application for the first flagship product of the next generation on April 16th. From the picture content, this is the future official logo of the Xbox Series X The logo design is very concise and powerful, emphasizing the representative character "X".


In the description below the trademark application information, we can also find that the trademark covers all kinds of things, from game consoles to clothing, watches, cups, shower caps and other peripheral products, the expected price of PS5 and the new Xbox will be 450 Between US $ and 499, which means that the most expensive may not exceed 4,000 yuan, which is much cheaper than previously expected.

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