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Microsoft: Xbox TV App may be launched next year

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Microsoft has just launched new consoles Xbox Series X and S, but it is no longer a secret that Microsoft's layout goes beyond traditional game consoles. With Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming (xCloud), Microsoft hopes to make their games play on as many devices as possible, even...your smart TV.


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In a recent long interview with foreign media The Verge, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was asked if he saw a future when there will be an Xbox App that allows you to play Xbox games directly on your TV. Spencer's answer is also very surprising.


Spencer replied: "I think you will see (an Xbox TV App) in the next 12 months. I think nothing can stop us from doing this. Now, as you said, a TV is really more of a The game console tucked behind the screen has an app platform, Bluetooth stack and streaming capabilities. Is it really a TV, or is it just the form and function of the devices we used on TV before, integrated into I’m watching it on a big screen?"


So, does this mean that Microsoft plans to abandon traditional gaming hardware? Of course not. Microsoft just wants to provide as many options as possible. Spencer believes that the real future is a hybrid model, where players can play games on local consoles and the cloud at the same time.


"When we consider xCloud, which is our version of Stadia or Luna (Amazon Cloud Game Service), I think it needs to evolve into games, which can run on a mixed environment of cloud and local computing devices, and they can take full advantage of the cloud. , But also make full use of the edge computing equipment of our home host.


In my opinion, this is the computing model that most people turn to in most application development, that is, the hybrid model between the edge and the cloud. In this model, whether it is from the perspective of security, latency, or even cost and bandwidth From a point of view, what can be done locally should be done locally. And those who can really use the scale obtained through the cloud, allowing multiple blade servers to present any experience you present to others, can use the power of the cloud.


Now, if your local device has almost no computing power relative to the game, obviously, we will move almost everything to the cloud. If I have a powerful device at home, we should use part of it. We should not ignore it. I think it will change. "

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