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It is rumored that Switch Pro will support NVIDIA DLSS technology, and the handheld mode will be upgraded

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According to the latest rumors, the new version of the Switch model, the legendary Switch Pro, will support NVIDIA DLSS technology in addition to the 4K function.


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The more reliable source Nate Drake recently talked about the next Switch hardware model on ResetEra. He said that this host will support NVIDIA DLSS technology and 4K capabilities. NateDrake also said that the new model has an improved handheld mode, which most likely refers to a higher resolution display.


In January of this year, SciresM, a well-known host hacker and data miner, discovered a new Switch model code-named Aula. The new machine obviously uses a Mariko SoC. Like the current model, the new model also supports both dock mode (connected to the TV) and portable mode, with an upgraded display that supports 4K resolution to some extent.


NateDrake said on the forum: "I won't tell you more about the technical specifications. It has DLSS and 4k capabilities. There is no need to go deeper now. This is enough to show that this device is a meaningful upgrade. At least in the future. Within two years, first-party games will support new and old versions of Switch."


As for the launch date of the new model, NateDrake is convinced that it will be officially announced this year. It was originally planned to be released this year. However, if you choose to skip the ticket to 2022, Nintendo will conduct internal communication in the next few months because of the development of prototypes Third-party partners have begun to prepare games for the new devices.

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