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Fighting Now for Our Scooter Billion Goal

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                         Fighting Now for Our Scooter Billion Goal                          




In these days,our company C-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED takes apart in a activity named HUNDRED GROUP BATTLE which organized by ALIBABA. This activity is a PK of achievement between the important clients in the business circle of ALIBABA in Baoan area, Shenzhen. The form of this activity is the leader, sales of foreign trade, a support person of a company as a group join into this activity to have a battle, the leader plays the role of commander, the supporter takes the part of commissar, and the sales play as the solders. This activity time is from August 26th to September 25th .


On August 19th ,2016 our commander and the commissar took apart in the start-up meeting. On August 23th, we held a internal meeting to celebrate and encourage our sales to try their best to fight. On August 25th , we all joined the ALIBABA full launch conference. with the exciting music our solders ran into meeting place, and hundred people yelled and waved the flag. This scene was very spectacular.  


The exhibition of our solders:



Actually, we didnt have the conception and tension of PK or competition before this full launch conference,and we just works and explores our clients as usual. However, with the pressure of other sales goals, the yelling of every person, the atmosphere of others confidence, we truly felt that we were in a battle at once in that conference.The first day of this battle, the manager organized a ceremony to pump our all sales up. In that morning, the managers of other departments were standing on the both sides of entrance. And they reached their hands to give our solders fight and cheer them up constantly. Then we formed a circle, and every department manager called a declaration as I am from *** department, I will have no rest in this month and try my best to support our solders to achieve their goals. Our solders also made a great moral show hearing the support from other departments:My goal is ***, I will try my best to achieve it! When I listened to their goals, felt their determination of fight, I believed that we will be a team with full fight capacity, and we will win in this activity. Every solder of C-STAR is the best, it is believed that you will get your own achievement and you must be the hero who get one million performance! The whole of our company will have no rest in this month and try our best to support you to achieve your goals! Come on, come on, come on!



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