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Due to improper storage, PS5 was severely damaged by kid at home

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Game players know that PS5 and other hosts need to connect to the display through the HDMI interface. Recently, a foreign Reddit forum user cdq1985 shared a terrible picture of PS5, and said that this is "PS5 in for HDMI replacement. Kid said "I pushed the cable in a little too hard".
PS5 HDMI,jpg
cdq1985 said that this is a bit exaggerated. The HDMI interface has been severely damaged, and the metal is bent and broken. Obviously, it is not just a bit fierce, and it is impossible to imagine the expressions of the parents when they arrive at the scene. The kid probably used the wrong cable, and found that he couldn't plug it in, but insisted on inserting it forcefully, which eventually caused serious damage to the PS5 host interface.
Remind everyone, if you have a kid at home, you must take care of your electronic products, otherwise, like the PS5 console in the picture, you can only send it to the factory for repair.
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